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VI DAN's Culture

The "Captain" VI DAN - Master Nguyen Van Phong always remembers that: "What comes from the heart, certainly paid off by heart". This has become a guideline throughout the process of branding, and it is the motivation for each member of VI DAN to strive to improve themselves.

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For employees

To develop a stable and prosperous, VI DAN has set three basic rules for all employees. They are: 1. Truth reflection; 2. Honesty in all circumstances; 3. Honest in all activities. These are three mandatory rules for employees to work and participate in the activities of VI DAN. Because before you build trust with your partners and customers, each employee to build themselves confidence with the board of directors and co-workers in the company.

At VI DAN, we always consider the staff as special customers, they are decisive factors in the survival and development of the company. Therefore, with the motto "Act like an owner - Work for yourself", company always creates conditions for each individual to develop their potential skills by entrusting the tasks which are in suitable for their abilities and experiences.

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VI DAN always appreciate and timely reward for individuals
who have outstanding contribution to the company.
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VI DAN organizes annual trips for all employees.

Each month, each quarter, the company will foster spiritual values, expertise, staff argued for training through agricultural techniques; special classes for scientific research; seminars on the mechanism of action of the Corporation; discuss social issues of concern; professional training, sales skills, behavioral skills at work... in order to further improve the soft skills in work, in life and elevate the human value per employee for the people.

In particular, the Corporation VI DAN frequently organize direct talks between the leaders of the company to all employees in order to open up the process of democratization in business, learn, understand and sympathize together to jointly develop. In addition, the Corporation also encourage and facilitate employee participation in professional training courses short and long term to develop themselves.

At the Corporation for the people, the staff is always respected and appreciated the dedication through the distribution of profits reasonably get for each individual. To ensure fairness, the Corporation has adopted regulations performance assessment through KPIs (Key Performance Indicator) for people to have a chance of dedication, creativity and success through salary fund open and preferred shares of the Corporation. The individuals with outstanding achievements, in addition to valuable prizes special material is also sent for specialized courses in institutions - universities, is going to visit, traveling abroad...

Besides, each year the Corporation VI DAN regularly organizes sightseeing tours, exchange football, entertainment, literary writing, to nourish the soul, the spirit of the workers; lecture consolation, encouragement, visiting and giving gifts to the families of workers have difficult circumstances, during the holidays; awarding scholarships to students, students, children of officials and employees who have advanced academic achievement, excellence.

In parallel with the production of business, the Corporation is also interested in volunteer work, gratitude, care for disadvantaged families, offering scholarships for university students, high school, support for school students have difficulty in remote areas...

IMG 0005
VI DAN regularly organizes meaningful activities to pay tribute
to Partners and Customers.

For the Agents and Farmers

VI DAN always remembers that: "Always give the win to the customer", while watching "Farmer's Garden" is the "House of VI DAN". Because, the success and prosperity of each agent, the garden is also the success and prosperity of the Corporation. And every dealer, every customer is an important link to contribute to the development of VI DAN fertilizer brand.

Therefore, in recent years, to enhance operational efficiency in customer care, always focused VI DAN build agricultural engineers and staff outside expert level - professional skilled in the field fertilizer and agriculture, also need to have the mind, enthusiasm and gratitude to the customer know.

Besides, VI DAN always held periodic client conferences for dealers in the distribution network to promote counseling and serve farmers better. At the conference, the dealer equipped skills in customer service, knowledge of fertilizers and plant physiology. In order words, the dealer can advise and help our customers to use the most effective products for the people.

Also, every year, corporations spend billions VI DAN to organize practical activities such as organizing regular workshops, field seminars, garden visits, sales consultant, gifts and organizations official trips, tourism in the country... to send your gratitude to agents and farmers.

Through these activities, the company wishes to strengthen relationships with customers, so that every chain in VI DAN system can always operate smoothly and efficiently.

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