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VI DAN Corporation (VI DAN Co., Ltd.) is a non state-owned enterprise, was established from Sep. 12, 2007, operating in the fields of production, sales and export of fertilizers - chemical agriculture, following the model of "Mother and child". the Headquarter is currently located at Lot C5B, Road 3, Hiep Phuoc IP, Nha Be Distric, HCMC.

hinh lanh dao

Over the past 10 years of development, the scale of production and sales network of the VI DAN are being expanded. Up to this point, the brand VI DAN is in the top of 10 companies who has the largest market share in Vietnam market with more than 720 distributors and 1,000 retailers, extending from Bac Giang to Ca Mau.

Beginning from the "Promise of an educated farmer", who always thinking about the country's agricultural sector, as well as an understanding of the hardships of Vietnamese farmers, Master Nguyen Van Phong - who works in the field of scientific research - has introduced fertilizer under VI DAN brand with the target of helping farmers to enrich on their own land.

A team of staffs who are Intelligent - Power - Enthusiastic and dedicated to farmers, including 1 PhD, 6 Masters, 83 engineers and 30 skilled workers in research and production of fertilizer. Most of them were from rural and familiar with agricultural life. So, more than anyone else, they are real educated farmers, because they not only grasp the scientific knowledge - advanced agricultural techniques, but also accumulated a lot of experiences from reality. The understanding of fields and crops, intimacy and close to farmers, and the desire to see the innovation of poor rural areas, helping farmers escape from poverty and enriching their lives is the motivation for VI DAN to constantly strive and grow.

With the slogan "What comes from the heart, certainly paid off by heart", VI DAN always want together with Agents and farmer to create the best and most effective products to increase crop yields; together sharing farmer's labor, decrease their anxiety and together enjoy the bumper crop of farmers.








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