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Environment & Community

In general development orientation, VI DAN always acutely aware that a modern enterprise business development in addition to the immediate but also to aim for sustainable development. Do not just put profits first, it's also being linked to social responsibility to ensure that their activities comply with the law, the society's moral standards and concerned interests community... Therefore, VI DAN forefront in the implementation of environmental protection and social responsibility.

Environmental protection for a sustainable development

VI DAN always said that a business wants sustainable development must first put itself out of its responsibility towards employees, the population around the plant, the production environment, and the natural environment. Specifically, VI DAN always has more oriented investment and innovative equipment and techniques to protect the environment, such as reducing the use of water and energy in production and procurement of equipment - modern technology...


VI DAN Factory II is being started construction in Hiep Phuoc (Nha Be district, HCM City) ensuring green, clean and environmentally friendly criteria.

Currently, VI DAN Factory II is being with the capacity of 500 thousand tons/year in Hiep Phuoc (Nha Be, HCMC) to increase production capacity to meet demands; at the same time, prepare for fertilizer exports to countries in the ASEAN region. Besides, the factory also ensures the mandatory criteria of the zone of gas treatment process - ensuring standard waste water, environmentally friendly.

Helpful in any social activities

The ultimate goal of all activities of the company in order to bring benefit to the community. Besides the researches, production of fertilizers for agriculture, providing the highest efficiency in production, the company also organizes and contributes to many significant social activities help people in remote regions out of poverty and improve their lives, agricultural improvement.

VI DAN often gives financial support for green summer campaign by the Union of Nong Lam University. In addition, the company also sponsors a number of scholarships each year to schools to encourage students to overcome difficulties, bringing expert knowledge to develop agriculture in Vietnam.

In addition, VI DAN frequently organizes visits and give gifts, books and pens for students in difficult economic areas to encourage them in studying.

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VIDAN Co. Ltd. granted the scholarships to students of University of Agriculture and Forestry (UAF) of Ho Chi Minh City.

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