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Distribution System

The consumer market for products manufactured by VI DAN stretches from Bac Giang to Ca Mau with more than 720 official distributors such as Dinh Van, Tan Sang, Hiep Hoa, Khanh Hien, Thuan Nong... and more than 1,000 retailers. With a wide distribution system VI DAN fertilizer products may promptly meet demand for agricultural production in many regions in the distribution market.

distribution system

With the motto "What comes from the heart, it will surely be rewarded with a heart", VI DAN with both wisdom and enthusiasm brought to the farmers of the ever-improving in quality and commitment "Certainly Good Harvest".

However, that is a tangible physical form. Because if good product to be used improperly, it will not bring value. Thus, VI DAN always try to put the knowledge about agriculture as soil science, fertilizer, crop physiology to farmers. The combination of quality products and proper knowledge farmers pledged to bring bumper crops.

The development of the company along with the goal of bringing high economic efficiency for the community, so that all employees always appreciated and concern and delivery customer support. In the process of using the product, employees whole heartedly support farmers with advising to use the right product depending on specific crops which is suitable for growth stages of plants and ecological conditions of each region to ensure the highest profit.

Agricultural engineers and business staff of VI DAN fully equipped with communication facilities available to advise the use of efficient products and agricultural knowledge to customers. Therefore, not only in administrative work hours, your agents and farmers can contact any time, whether it is out of working hours or days off, holidays. In addition, the company has established a hotline to advise farmers promptly resolve any urgent issues to avoid harm to crops.

Annually, VI DAN spends billions for work performed, customer conference, formal workshops, field seminars to meet and exchange experiences and exchange of agricultural produce for farmers in different regions. On this basis, VI DAN can grasp the production situation - business, customer demand so that technical improvements and complete product quality to provide optimal performance on every square meter of land .

Moreover, through these activities, VI DAN can closely followed the situation of production and the state of cultivation by farmers. Since then, each year, the VI DAN Engineering Division will promptly update, adjust the information to compile and release the technical procedures for the crops in different soil conditions.

Along with the practical activities, the company regularly organizes trips for corporate headquarters, manufacturing plants to farmers, dealers to build and maintain the trust of customers for trade VI DAN fertilizer efficiency.

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