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Development Strategy

VI DAN is one of the leading companies producing and trading foliar fertilizer in Viet Nam market who has confirmed its position, prestige and consistence following its development strategy, namely:

hinh lanh dao


"Increasing the efficiency of production on every square meter of land".

Business philosophy:

"What comes from the heart, certainly paid off by heart".


- To become one of the enterprises producing and distributing fertilizers, plant protection products at Viet Nam market and export to countries in the region.

- Continuous researches and production to create effective fertilizer product lines, "utility for farmers", with high quality, good design and diverse, multi-functionality, increased productivity and consistent with individual crops in different soil zones, reducing labor, bringing high economic efficiency for the community.

- To invest, expand and improve the process of assembly line production equipment and modern technology; at the same time, improving the distribution system to deliver the most completed services.

- Challenge all difficulties, the fierce competition of the market to always create new products, more and more perfect to serve up to the needs of farmers.

- The desire to change the picture of poor farmers, to build up the image of Vietnam farmers in XXI century of a modern scientist, a successful businessman, an executive in efficient agriculture, wearing hats and blouses, travelling by car.

Development strategy

With its own development orientation of VI DAN, The general director Nguyen Van Phong has created a field under the culture VI DAN. That is selecting and perfecting resellers and distributors chains who have devoted attention to farmers, not just only to follow market trends, serious business, prestige, quality and reasonable price is top concern, etc. The strategy is made of for the benefit of farmers.

VI DAN brands positioning with its commitment to accountability and quality in each product. Because quality is made up of qualities and values which make up the wealth. And there is also the social responsibility to create reputation for a company. To create these values, VI DAN always focus on building teams of virtuous, talented and responsible staff and engineers, dare to show their talent in their fields.

At VI DAN, the division of reasonable interests among the companies - Agents - Farmer has created a closely connection chain, creating the balance in the relationship. All the chains are supporting and working for a common purpose. This is a decisive factor in the success of VI DAN brand.

Moreover, VI DAN invested in modern machinery, equipment and automation of production processes in order to create homogeneous product lines, clean and quality. Currently, VI DAN operates fertilizer production plants in accordance with ISO 9001: 2008 Certificate. At the same time, VI DAN also has import-export department to sourcing sustainable raw materials, strict quality control for both the inputs and outputs of products, offering reasonable rates, meet the needs of increasing production of Agents and Farmers.

Also, they were promoting the scientific and technical support for agricultural production to farmers and transfer the model of effectively agricultural production, demonstrating the strategic products, outstanding in quality likely Phân Tím, Phân Vàng, Đồng Tiền Vàng, Đáng Đồng Tiền, Lân Đỏ... Therefore, the products of the VI DAN has been gradually strengthen its position in the market, agents, farmers and partners.

Since the great success in the domestic market, VI DAN develops the distribution systems to countries in the region with many market research trip to Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos, and China... These are important prerequisites VI DAN to reach out the bigger market.

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